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SBD Dauntless & A-24 Banshee in combat Part-1 / 72-411 /
1. SBD-2 “Black S-5" (BuNo unknown), VS-6, USS Enterprise (CV-6), used by AMM1/C Bruno Peter Gaido on 1 February 1942 off Kwajalein.

2. SBD-3 “Black S-10", BuNo 4690, flown by LTJG Stanley “Swede” Vejtasa & Rm3 Frank B. Wood, VS-5, USS Yorktown, Battle of the Coral Sea, 8 May 1942.

3. A-24 (SBD-3), “SHWAB’S WAGON”, 41-15824, flown by Cpt. Virgil Schwab & Sgt. Philip Childs, 8th Bombardment Squadron, 3rd Bombardment Group, Port Moresby, May 1942.

4. SBD-3 “Black 41-S-16", VS-41, USS Ranger, Operation Torch, November 1942.