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Junkers Ju-87 Stuka / 72-014 /
1. Junkers Ju-87 A-1, 29 2 of Kampfgruppe 88, Legion Condor, Spain 1938

2. Junkers Ju-87 R-2 T6+AP flown by Staffelkapitan of 6./St.G 2 “Immelmann”,Summer 1940. Standard splinter scheme of RLM 70, 71 and RLM 65.

3. Junkers Ju-87 B-1 of 6./St.G 1, France 1940. Finished in a standard 70/71/65 splinter scheme.

4. Junkers Ju-87 B-1, S2+AC flown by the Kommandeur of II./St.G 77, Balkans 1941. This machine was finiched in a standard 70/71/65 splinter scheme. When the yellow campaign marking were applied, these caps were also painted yellow.

5. Junkers Ju-87 R-2, 6. St.G 1, 6G+KT, Mediterranean Theatre, early 1941. Apart from the unusual emblem on the nose, this aircraft featured the normal 70/71/65 scheme with a white fuselage band centred on the Balkenkreuz.

6. Junkers Ju-87 R-2, S1+AB flown by Major Walter Sigel, Kommandeur of I,/St. G3, Greece 1941. This aircraft was camouflage in a standard 70/71/65 scheme and carried a white band around the rear fuselage. The spinner tip RLM 25.

7. Junkers Ju-87 B-2, S2+DB, of Stab I./St.G 77, Greece, spring 1941. The aircraft in 70/72/65 RLM finish; engine cowling, rudder and elevators yellow.

8. Junkers Ju-87 B-1, 35+G12, of 2./St.G 163 “Immelmann”, Cottbus, February 1939. The aircraft in 70/71/65 RLM finish, spinner in RLM 71.

9. Junkers Ju-87 B-1,J9+AL of 1.(St.)/Tr.Gr.189, France, May 1940. RLM 70/71/65 finish. The type of exhaust stacks suggest that this machine is late production series.

10.Junkers Ju-87 B-2, F1+BD of Stab III./St.G 77, Crimea, spring 1942. The aircraft finished in RLM 70/72/65. Letter B green, repeated in black on lower wingtips.

11. Junkers Ju-87 B-2/trop, S1+GK, of 2./St.G 3, Derna airfield, Libya, autum 1941. The aircraft in RLM 79/78 finish, spinner tip red, fuselage band white.

12. Junkers Ju-87 B-2/trop, III/St.G 1, North Africa, 1941.This aircraft was captured by British troops in November 1941, before the Germans had finished applying the aircraft’s individual code letters - note the incomplite “H” after cross.

13. Junkers Ju-87 D-5, I./Sg 2 “Immelmann”, Russian Front, Whinter 1943-1944. Standard scheme 70/71/65, covered atop with white stains.

14. Junkers Ju-87 D-3, 4./St.G 2, Stalingrad. September 1942/February 1943. Standard scheme 70/71/65.

15. Junkers Ju-87 D-3, 2./NSG 2, Byelorussia. May 1944. Flown by Ofw. Toni Fink and Hans Nawroth on one of their last missions before transferring to Italy. Standard scheme 70/71/65 and yellow band.

16. Junkers Ju-87 G-2 of 10.(Pz)/SG 3, Lithuania, Autumn 1944. This anti-tank aircraft was camouflage in the scheme 70/71/65 with yellow wingtip undersides. The spinner white with a narrow black spiral.

17. Ju 87 R-2 of 6./St.G 2 “Immelmann”, Tmimi, Libia 1941.The aircraft finished RLM 79/78 and green  camo, RLM 71.