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F 8 F Bearcat / 72-013 /
1. This F8F-1 (BuNo95081) of VF-3 was flown by LT.A.M.”Mike” Granat during early 1946. Emblem background on a plan cowl possibly yellow.

2. This F8F-1 (BuNo 94947), VF-12, CV-40 Tarawa, 1948.

3. This F8F-2 (BuNo 121664), VF-83, “Jolly Rodgers”, CVB-42 Coral Sea, 1949.

4. F8F-1B, Royal Thai Air Forces, 1st Fighter Bomber Wing.

5. F8F-1B, Armee de L’Air Groupe de Chasse GC 1/22 Saintonge during the French Indochina war.

6. F8F-1, Armee de L’Air Groupe de Chasse GC 1/21 ‘Artois’. French Indochina, 1953. This aircraft is armed with 500lb bombs and HVAR rockets (are not represented on the scheme)

7. This overall Yellow Bearcat was the solo performer for the Blue Angels and carried the name Beetle Bomb on the cowl.

8. The number 2 Bearcat of the Blue Angels Demonstration Team during 1948.

9. This F8F-2 (BuNo 121635), VF-82, CVB-41 Midway, Lt. Richardson, 1952.

10. F8F-1, South Vietnamese Air Force, 1st Fighter Squadron, Saigon.