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Junkers JU-52 / 144-004 /
1. Ju 52/3m, D-ALYL (ex-OE-LAR), serial number 5180, Berlin 1936, Lufthansa

2. Ju 52/3m,22-59, Grupo de Bombardeo Nocturno 1-G-22, Spain 1937

3. Ju 52/3m, 2nd snd squadron of 1/KGzbV.I, Southern Greece, May 1941

4. Ju 52/3m g4e, 4U+NH, allocated to 2. (F)/123,Derna, Northern Africa, June 1941

5. Ju 52/3m g7e, 4V+HL, 3./kgRZBV 9, Eastern Front, 1941

6. Ju 52/3m, 4V+HY/3, of 14./TG 3, Stalingrad, winter 1942-43

7. Ju.52/3m, 6th squadron of II/TG.2, Mediterranean, 1943

8. Among the Ju 52/3m g7es assigned to the VII. Fliegerkorps (7th Air Corps) was this aircraft (V1+LP). The Corps operated on the Eastern Front during the winter of 1943-44

9. Ju.52/3m 102/1. No. S.207 This aircraft was shot down by Frantisek Kiprich of mixed-level near the village Radvan 2nd September 1944 Junkers crew: pilot - fhdgy George Gach, co-pilot Nandor Vermes, Imre Matslagi radio operator, flight engineer Laszlo Tseki (the only one who died.)