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French Sopwith 1/2 Strutter / 72-501 /
1. Sopwith B1, number 185 of Escadrille Sop 107, which operated as part of Groupe d’Bombardmet 3 (Gb3) from June 1917 until re-equipping with Breguet 14s in late 1917. At a time and in circumstances unknown to the artist, this aircraft was captured dy the Germans. The unit lnsignia was based on the Egyptian goddess Buto.

2. Sopwith A2, 4189 of Escadrille Sop 5, which flew this  type from September 1917 until re-equipping with Salmson 2s in July 1918, 
and was assigned to the 6 emo CA. (other sources say 33 eme CA) 

3. Sopwith A2, 308 of Escadrille Sop 111, which operated as part of Groupe d’Bombardment 1(GB1). It received both single seat and two-seater versions in March 1917 and re-equipping with Breguet 14s in October.

4. Sopwith A2, number unknown of Escadrille Sop 24. This aircraft has a top wing Lewis gun  and a To4 gun ring which was a French adaption of the British scarff ring. This unit replaced its Farman  F4Os in mid - 1917 and re-equipped with Salmson 2s in March 1918.

5. Sopwith A2, number unknown of Escadrille 504.

6. The French-built Sopwith 1.A2 served in early March 1918 with Escadrille Sop. 24 in Toul. Some Strutters of this unit 
also carried a third Lewis machine gun above the upper mounting surface. It is possible that this aircraft also carried the armament of three machine guns at some period of its service. The unit was re-equipped with Salmson 2.A2 aircraft on March 14, 1918, and the unit designation was then changed to Sal. 24. The machine is completely in the color of the material with colored 

7. Sopwith A2, number unknown of Escadrille Sop 36. This unit flew Sopwiths from July 1917 until June 1918, when it re-equipped with Spad 11/16s. During this period (Nov 1917 to April 1918). it saw service in Italy and was assigned to DAL.

8. Sopwith B.1 number unknown of Escadrille Sop 66 which was part of Groupe d’Bombardment 1 (Gb1). This unit exchanged its Caudron G4s for both single-seater and two-seater Sopwiths in March/April 1917, re-equipping with Breguet 14s in late 1917. The unit insignia was based on the Egyptian goddess Nekhbet.

9. Sopwith A2. number 2510 of Escadrille Sop222. This aircraft was fitted with a Lewis on the top wing. Sop 222 was assigned to the 10c Aimes and re-equipped with Breguet 14s in May 1918.

10. Sopwith 1 B2 Strutter, according to the insignia on the fuselage belonging to Escadrille Sop 29. Unfortunately without any other data. The Escadrille took over the Sopwith aircraft in January 1917 and flew them for practically the whole year. She mainly carried out depth raids in Alsace-Lorraine.