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Fairey Battle Part 2 / 72-489 /
1. Fairey Battle Trainer, L5659, RAAF No. 1 O.T.U Bairnsdale 1942. RAAF Foliage Green and RAAF Earth Brown uppersurfaces with
RAAF Sky Blue undersides. Note White 59 on fuselage sides.

2. Fairey Battle Mk l, 988, 41 Air School SAAF, Collendale East London, South Africa. RAF colour scheme but with the SAAF Orange replacing the Roundel Red in the roundels. Note the larger size of the A.

3. Fairey Battle Mk l, GR-F L5597, No. 301 Squadron (Pomeranian), Polish Squadron (RAF), Bramcote, summer 1940.
Dark Green/ Dark Earth/ Night finish with Medium Sea Grey codes; serial overpainted. A1 roundels on fuselage sides and B roundels above wings; Polish flag aft of codes on both sides of the fuselage.

4. Fairey Battle Mk l, K7657, 105 Sqn. April 1939. Standard A Scheme pattem, with the codes painted in Sky Grey.

5. Fairey Battle Mk l, K9264, 103 Sqn RAF France May 1940. This particular Battle was shot down on 10 May 1940 and unfortunately the crew were killed in action. Note the overpainted middle glazing area, overpainted rudder serial and the area between the codes where the original fuselage roundel would have been painted. The fuselage roundel has been moved aft of the codes.

6. Fairey Battle Mk l, L5415/PH-O, No. 12 Squadron (RAF), France,1940. Dark Green/Dark Earth/Night finish with Medium Sea Grey codes; tri-colour flash on entire fin. Serial in black; modified A1 roundels on fuselage with a thin yellow outline, A roundels below wings.

7. Fairey Battle Mk l, K7632, 12 Sqn RAF January 1939. Note the introduction of Squadron code letters and gas detection patch on rear fuselage. B Scheme palters.