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USAF Lockheed U2/TR-1 Part 2 / 48-248 /
1. Lockheed U-2A, NACA-320. This is actually the prototype, as it appeared in February, 1957. The purpose of the NACA, (later to become NASA),markings was purely a cover-up exercise. The aircraft is shown as it appeared in the first officially released photograph of the U-2.

2. Lockheed U-2A, NASA 55741. This aircraft is shown in the overall black scheme, that would later become famillar on later versions. The finish on these earlier types was of a semi-gloss effect, rather than todays more sooty appearance. The serial is entirely false, the actual one is unfortunately unknown. This aircraft was pul on display to the press, shortly after the Gary Powers incident, when 56-6693 was shot down over Sverdlovsk, on May 1st, 1960. Note the rear view mirror.

3. Lockhed TR-1A , 80-01099. The aircraft made its first flight on October 3, 1989. Transferred to the 17th RW in March 1990. 
In December 1995, transferred back to the 9th RW. Converted to U-2S in August 1995. In May 1997, he made an emergency 
landing at the Osan airbase, Republic of Korea. Sent for refurbishment to Palmdale, which was completed on November 1, 1997.