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USAF Lockheed U2/TR-1 Part 1 / 48-246 /
1. Lockheed U-2R s/n 68-10331,of the 6th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron, 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, based at Osan Air Base, South Korea. 

2. Lockheed U-2R, s/n 68-10338, possibly serving with the 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing. Beale AFB.

3. Lockheed TR-1A, s/n 80-0182 Note Bulldog insignia carried on fin.

4. Lockheed TR-1B, s/n 80-1091. The Q-bay was occupied by the second cockpit on this variant. Earlier TR-1B’swere white overal.

5. Lockheed TR-1A, c/n 80-01074. The aircraft made its first flight in February 1984. It was upgraded under the PLSS program in 1984-1985. Transferred to 17th RW in February 1990. Transferred to 9th WR in October 1992. In May 1996, converted to U-2S. Currently flying with 9th Rw, Beale AFB.

6. Lockheed TR-1A , 80-01084. The first flight was lost in the past 1986. December 9, 1987 at Alconbury Air Force Base, UK, the plane collided with a tractor. The wing was damaged. Disassembled on the doorstep of the C-5 Galaxy, it was taken to Palmdale to the factory for refurbishment. In 1988-1989 he was transferred to the 9th SRW. Currently flying with 9th RW, Beale AFB.

7. Lockheed U-2R Senior Span, 68-10338. Initially part of the 100th SRW, and in 1976 transferred to the 9th SRW. Crashed on 29 August 1995 while taking off from Fairford Air Force Base, UK.