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Dewoitine D.520 Part 2 / 72-481 /
1. Dewoitine D.520 White 6, GC lll/18, late 1944. This aircraft carries a heavy sprayed mottle of dark green over the blue grey 
fuselage sides. The title vas - y- jojo! was carried on the starboard side of the nose under the windscreen.

2. Dewoitine D.520 flown by Albert Littolff, GC lll, Free French Air Force, Rayak, Syria 1942.

3. Dewoitine D.520 No. 277, White 6, flown by Pierre Le Gloan, GC lll/6, Syria 1941.

4. Dewoitine D.520 No. 52, White 29, GC lll/6, Alep-Nirab, Syria 1941.

5. Dewoitine D.520 No. 140, White 9, Squadron 1AC, Tafaraoui, Algeria, spring 1941. The unit’s seahorse insignia is painted on the fuselage.

6. Dewoitine D. 520 No. 273, White 3, flown by Denis Ponteins, France, May 1940.

7. Dewoitine D.520 ,Squadron 2AC, North Africa 1941. It appears from photographic reference that the nose tip was painted blue with red bands.

8. Dewoitine D.520 , No.302, White 30, of GC lll/6 North Africa, late 1940.

9. DewoitineD.520 FFI of Chateauroux, 27th of August 1944.