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Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5 / 72-467 /
1. S.E. 5a. Captain Albert Ball 56 Squadron R.F.C. France 1917.

2. RAF S.E.5a (D3511) of No 40 Squadron was flown by Major Roderic Stanley Dallas, the leading Australian Ace with fifty-one victories.

3. S.E.5a (C1904) of No85 Squadron at Omer during June of 1918.

4. S.E.5a (F8040) of the 25th Aero Squadron, United States Air Service, Toul, France in November of 1918. Pilot was lt Raymond C Watts.

5. S.E.5a of the 94Squadron (Pursuit),United States Air Service, Texas 1920. Because of the heat of the Texas sun S.E.5as were of ten flown with the top engine panel removed.

6. S.E. 5a (F5481) a presentation aircraft paid for by the 16th Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment.