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McDonnel Douglas F-4D Phantom II / 72-456 /
1. F-4D-29-MC. Unit: 497th TFS "Night Owls", USAF. Serial: FP (66-0239). Ubon RTAFB, Thailand, in 1970. Later it was sold to South Korea.

2. F-4D-31-MC. Serial: 66-7763 FG ‘Carol II' flown by Maj Wendell R. Keller and 1/Lt Virgil K. Meroney III of the 433rd TFS, 8th TFW, Ubon, Thailand, Ubon Thailand, 1968.

3. F-4D-30-MC. Serial: 66-7639 FG flown by Capt Albin E. Lucki and 1/Lt Robert A. Gomez of the 433rd TFS, 8th TFW, Ubon, Thailand, 23 April, 1970.

4. F-4D-32-MC. Serial: 66-8777 FA flown by LtCol Robert L. Standerwick and Maj Norbert A. Gotner of the 25th TFS, 8th TFW, 
Ubon, Thailand, 3 February, 1971.

5. F-4D-29-MC. Serial: 66-0249 FY flown by Maj Everett T. Raspberry Jr and Capt Francis M. Gullick of the 555th TFS, 8th TFW, Ubon, Thailand, 5 June, 1967.

6. F-4D-28-MC. Serial: 66-7463 OY flown by Capt Richard S. Ritchie and Capt Charles B. DeBellevue of the 665th TFS, 432nd TRW, Udorn, Thailand, 28 August, 1972.

7. F-4D-32-MC. Serial: 66-8727 OC ‘Casper’ assigned to C/C A1C Samuel W. Lassiter Jr., 1972-1973 & Pilot Captain Bill Riemer, 1969-1970 of the 13th TFS, 432nd TRW, Udorn, Thailand.

8. F-4D-30-MC. Serial: 66-7601 FO flown by Maj Joseph D. Moore and 1/Lt  George H. McKinney of the 435th TFS, 8th TFW, Ubon, Thailand, 19 December, 1967.

9. F-4D-32-MC. Serial: 66-8727 OC ‘AWOL' flown by Capt Doyle D. Baker USMC and 1/Lt John D. Ryan Jr of the 13th TFS, 432nd TRW, Udorn, Thailand, 17 December, 1967.

10. F-4D-29-MC "Miss Martha". Unit: 555th TFS, 432nd TFW, USAF. Serial: OY (66-0267) Crew: pilot - Capt John A.Madden, operator - Capt.Charles DeBellevue. Udorn, Thailand. On September 9th, 1972 they shot down two J-6 (MiG-19).