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Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Part 3 / 48-203 /
1. B-17G-35-VE 42-97834 XR-J ''Mud in Yer Eye''. Of the 349th BS, 100th BG, 8th AF, September 1944. This Fort flew its 38th and 
final mission to Ruhland in eastern Germany, when on September 11 1944 was attacked and shot down along with several other Forts from its unit by the Luftwaffe Sturmböck JG 4 fighters, crashing near Kovarska in Czech Republic. Out of Lt. Everitt nine men crew, six were killed including the pilot. 

2. B-17G-60-BO 42-102830 ''Flying Latrine''. Of the 49th BS, 2nd BG, 15th AF, July 1944. A veteran of no less than 71 combat 
missions over targets such as the infamous Ploesti oil fields, Vienna, Munich, 
Budapest, as well as Moravska Ostrava in Czech Republic where the 2nd BG 
suffered its worst losses of the war with 9 Forts and 100 crew members downed, 
the bomber was finally written off and salvaged in Italy in late 1944.