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Blue CAG SPADS. Carrier Air Group CO AD Skyraiders / 72-432 /
1. AD-1 Skyraider ( BuNo 09223), Modex C/500, flown by Cdr. Grafton B. “Soupy” Campbell, CVG-6, deployed on the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVB-42) from October-November 1949 (photographed at the National Air Races in Cleveland, Summer 1949).

2. AD-4Q Skyraider (BuNo 124056) flown by Cdr. William “ Bill” Leonard, CAG-17, from November 1950 to February 1951.

3. AD-4Q Skyraider (BuNo 124055), Modex T/00, flown by Cdr. J. Curtis Kelly, CVG-1, June 1950 to October 1951.

4. AD-5 Skyraider (BuNo 133912), Modex N/00, flown by Cdr. Damon W. “Hutch” Cooper, ATG-3, deployed on the USS Shangri-La (CVA-38), from March 1955 to June 1956.

5. AD-5 Skyraider (BuNo 132646), Modex G/600, flown by Cdr. Ernest M. Beauchamp, CVG-21, USS Yorktown (CVA-10).