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Republic P-47 D Part 3 / 48-199 /
1. P-47D-1-RE "Miss Plainfield" Unit: 334th FS, 4th FG, 8th AF, USAAF. Serial: QP-D (42-7945). Pilot - Capt.Steve N.Pisanos ('The Greek'). Plainfield, New Jersey. Joined 334th  FS 24/10/42 from 71st (Eagle) Squadron RAF. Shot down in a P-51? on 5/3/44, 
evaded and returned 2/9/44. To 67th FW on 9/9/44. Completed 106 WW2 sorties. To eP-47D-1-RE 42-7945 flown by Steve Pisanos during August 1943.

2. P-47D-5-RE 42-8644 “Lilliput” flown by Lt. W.B. Morgan.